Some Ways SEO Is Changing in 2017

One of the main reasons that businesses are advised to use professional SEO services instead of doing it on their own is that the rules are constantly changing. The person or company responsible for SEO must keep track every time Google changes an algorithm and make changes to their own SEO in order to meet these new requirements. Going forward in 2017, some expected changes could provide challenges to companies or professionals that have not yet made the choice to hire a professional SEO company to keep their online pexels-photo (2)business up-to-date.

  • An Increased Focus on Mobile Searches – The number of people performing searches for businesses on their cell phones has been growing for some time. Now, Google is adapting to mobile users by assigning higher rankings to websites that are mobile responsive. Every business needs a professionally designed website that is fast and great looking when accessed with a mobile device.
  • Implementation of Artificial Intelligence – RankBrain is Google’s learning algorithm that is a form of narrow artificial intelligence which is used for a single specific function. It has already changed SEO in ways that only SEO specialists can understand. Basically, it is going to take more in addition to traditional keywords to get search results. The field of SEO and Google are expected to continue to get more technical, going forward.
  • Quality over Quantity – Instead of long pieces of content packed full of information, quality is taking a leading role and overriding the need for a lot of wordiness. Today’s users want to find what they are looking for fast; a notion that doesn’t mesh with longform content.
  • Growth of Voice Search – The technology is already out there, but it is expected to really take off during this year.

Some current trends like the use of video and mobile-friendly websites for local businesses will also continue through 2017 and become even more popular as the number of people using mobile devices increases. As SEO goes in new directions, businesses must follow in order to attain success in the short-term and long-term future.