The Focus on User Experience with SEO

More companies of all kinds are focusing on giving customers a better experience when purchasing their 1407799223-1-advanced-webmaster-tools-should-using-better-seo (1)products or using their services. With SEO, the focus is on giving website users the best possible experience from the time they perform a search until they act on the call-to-action on a website. Ideally, the right person will find the website, become engaged in the information, and take the next step and make a purchase. The easier it is to follow this process, the more interesting the information on the site is, the more likely the user is to have a positive experience.

Click-through rates, the average time spent on a page, and bounce rates are some of the metrics that can be used to determine what type of experience users have on the website. Now that Google gives higher rankings to websites that are mobile-friendly, speeding up website speeds and making them more user-friendly for mobile searchers are some ways that they can improve the experience for visitors and increase the number of hits they get.

Improving User Experience through Consistent Monitoring

SEO experts don’t just set up a business website and leave it with the hopes that it will continue to achieve the goals the business owner has in mind. Consistently monitoring the website and making tweaks as needed will go a long way towards improving SEO efforts to drive traffic to the website and to deliver the positive experience that will make customers want to do business with that company.

Businesses are often unaware that Google is also monitoring their website to determine the average user experience. Putting the user experience first will help satisfy Google and customers alike, while also improving SEO by increasing the number of visitors who share informations and discuss their experience on the website and in dealing with that specific business. Bottom line is: focus on a better overall user experience and the (positive) rest will follow!