Top Reasons Why Organic Search Still Matters

At a time when many businesses are relying on their social media connections to increase traffic to their website, it’s easy to overlook the importance of organic search. While social media is a valuable tool for all types of businesses today, there are a number of reasons why the organic approach should still remain a part of every business’s marketing plan.

  • Delivering Relevant Traffic – No other avenue delivers a higher amount of relevant traffic to a website than organic search. At the same time, combining organic search withseo-pic other channels including social media, paid search, and email marketing produces greater results than either method on its own.
  • Build Customer Loyalty – Although other marketing methods can generate traffic, they don’t have the same long-term effect that makes customers want to do business with the same company time and time again. Businesses that use Facebook to generate more traffic to their website may have high numbers, but they also have high bounce rates. Once on the website, a large number of visitors determine that they are not interested in the site and they leave before visiting multiple pages. Organic SEO improves relevancy and gives visitors to the site a reason to want to come back.
  • High ROI – There are two reasons that so many business owners are excited about using Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic to their website: It reaches a lot of people and it’s free. Although hiring a SEO company for organic SEO services requires an initial investment, it doesn’t have to be a large one and the end results are much more significant. Again, relevancy is the most significant factor when trying to get visitors to the website and make them take the final step to purchase goods or services.

Organic may not be a standalone solution for online marketing today, but it is much too important to leave out of the equation. A blended, multi-channel approach will get the best results at every point of the process.