How does SEO benefit my business?

How does SEO benefit my business?

SEO benefits your business by increasing the number of qualified leads for a set amount of money, bringing you more business at a lower cost.

Unlike paid marketing channels, SEO services are generally delivered at a set monthly fee so you know exactly what your costs will be each month. Paid marketing is great, however you will be paying for every click and eyeball that your ads gets and the cost of this ‘click’ will vary.

Both marketing channels are proven. Both work as part of a balanced marketing strategy.

However paid marketing is more expensive as you have your advertising spend + creative + additional agency fee / staff time cost to deliver the ads. Also want to reach more people, spend more.

Search Engine Optimisation only incurs the agency / time cost. Occasionally you may need to create some above and beyond content or pages but this should all be covered by your agency.

SEO helps you build customer trust to turn casual visitors into potential customers and brand ambassadors that will help you create word-of-mouth marketing.

Recurring website traffic month after month.

SEO can help you increase traffic to your website which leads to more potential customers. SEO organically expands your reach and can help turn regular people into loyal fans of your business. Your not having to ‘sell’ or ‘push’ your website with organic traffic, it is coming directly to you because you can answer their question or solve their problem.

The most powerful aspect of SEO

Ranking well on Search Engines allows you to reach more customers who may not already know you exist or who may not know there is a product out there for them. SEO will help you get found by the right customers at the right time. When they are looking to research or solve their problem with the products or services that you offer.

FACT: SEO helps you get in front of new customers and attract them to your website.

Should you have a Search Engine Strategy in 2022 and beyond?

YES! If you are serious about getting eyeballs on your website SEO should definitely be a core part of your marketing activities. It’s easy to get distracted by the quick wins of Paid marketing channels but to build a marketing plan that doesn’t just rely on just paid traffic is a very good thing.

The Cost of advertising will go up, and as it does every click becomes more expensive and every month the same spend budget will reach less and less people.

What will SEO do for my website and business?

A good, well implemented SEO strategy will:

• Achieve higher search engine rankings (more rankings / more people)
• Get more people clicking through to your website (Eyes on you not your competitors)
• Increase enquiries and leads for a fraction of the cost (Your not paying every time someone clicks)
• Builds trust – people trust organic results more over paid ads. Thats why we think the no.1 or top organic search engine result is better than those on page 4 of Google.

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